Playstation Vita Gravity Daze (Rush) – Initial Impressions, Game Systems, Extras, More!

Follow me on twitter @kyletwentytwo Here is Gravity Daze for the Playstation Vita! The one a lot of you have been waiting for. I am pleased to report that it lives up to the hype — amazing game so far. One thing I forgot to show in the video was that your best scores/times on each mission can be viewed on a worldwide leaderboard, where you get your ranking in relation to everyone else. You can also filter it to see your friends best times as well. I’m loving games with these features, because I really like to compete with my friends :D Thank you for your support of my channel! We recently broke 5000 subscribers and are going very strong! Let’s see how long it takes us to get to 6000! You guys are the best!

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too bad it’s turning into Duke Nukem…

thank you very much you kind sir!
BTW good to know there’s some FFvXIII fans out there =)

Full trophy support, 1619 MB size.

Hey I just featured this video in a forum and it’ll be cool if some vita owners joined in to have discussions of all things vita lol. it’s called syntechx . com, pretty young but well made.

true talk bro this game
has gained so much attention since his announcement
i also doubt that it will bomb
gosh it has already sold 100k copies in japan(retail and psn combined)
making it 20% of japan psvita owners
thats not bad at all

I SEE DISGAEA 3 THERE! ok…maybe is not related to the video but:
1. are the trophies on disgaea 3 the same as the PS3 version
2. how much space does the full game take?

doubt it…or atleast it won’t be ignored by 90% of vita gamers! especially since it’s released in the right time when there’s no new games to play after uncharted! haven’t played it but IMO this’ll be the best Vita game of the year!

Looks boring and repetitive…

no u dont
shit happens
we are good

now i look like a jackass

dude read the comment and understand u should know
that im replying to the other guy who said that this game is boring
He said this game is boring and repetitive.then i made a reference of call of duty
read the comment carefully again dont start a senseless conversation

this is the best game for the system out over 25 games and you call it BORING really what?

u can read jap

Almost completely

I hope this isn’t another okami:a amazing game completely ignored by the gaming community

Thank god I skipped the PS3, 3DS, PSP and all Xboxes. I get a warm feeling with the Vita my side (knowing I get next-gen graphics and portability). Corny but true.

Yes, it has to be if you want the digital version.

I’m mad that the U.S. release date is June 12th. That’s like 5 years away in waiting terms.

thanks for the reply, just a question your main account is a Japanese account?

It’s great to see japanese devs taking western ideas and putting their own spin on it. Incredible.

Holy crap. This game is seriously making me want to buy a Vita.

I bought a PSN card online for my main account (JP) I paid £50($76.49) for 5000Yen card(depends where you get the card) and the game is 4900Yen. Yea with the current exchange rate 4990Yen = £38.5212 So I lost ~£12 but I don’t have to pay customs or wait for shipping(Digital download).

Hey guys, I’ll be doing a complete walkthrough of the whole game (Gravity Rush). I’m pretty far into the game, so I’ll show you the new city hubs and characters no one has shown off yet!

how much are you paying to import? everything ive found (ebay play asia) wants 75-120 bucks for this game

hey kyle does gravity daze record your game time?

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